Them: America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny -- NYMag

That’s what’s scariest about Donald Trump.

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‘Out!’ Trump Orders Cnn Star Jim Acosta To Leave Oval. Because he exposes the incompetence and racism of the Donald. Sad when you have to defend the President by attacking the press because he can't answer their questions.

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Suicide Hotlines Get Record Number Of Calls After Trump. Things have gotten steadily worse for Democrats after Donald Trump's election to the Presidency of the United States.

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8chan - Wikipedia 8chan, also called Infinitechan or Infinitychan (sometimes stylized as ∞chan), is an American imageboard website composed of user-created boards.

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The Best Donald Trump Jokes, Tweets and Quotations The HyperTexts The Best Donald Trump Jokes, Puns, Tweets, Quotes, Poems, Limericks and Hashtags Q: What do you call it when a Man-Baby takes over the American government?

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NFL Player Slams TSA 'Assholes' for Spilling Dead Mother's. NFL Player Slams TSA 'Assholes' for Spilling Dead Mother's Ashes Giants lineman A.J. Francis was enraged after the TSA treated his mother's remains carelessly.

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Why Electing Donald Trump Is The Only Way To Preserve. With the Democratic primary all but settled and the GOP firmly under the aegis of Donald Trump, the general election has effectively begun. While it’s common for.

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Watch New Health Picks | Slate Star Codex So far most of Trump’s appointments have been ordinary conservative hardliners or ethically-compromised rich people. But there’s a chance that some of.

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Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trump: Aaron James. Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trump [Aaron James] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Make America Great Again? Donald Trump is an asshole is a fact.